Jonna Lehto is a performing artist and activist. Her artistic practise is based on physical expressions that spring from humour, wonder and the observation of life. She graduated from the dance department in North Karelia College of Further Education and then continued studying physical theatre in a 2 year actor training programme in The Commedia School in Copenhagen. The dialogue with the environment and bodily experience, the coexistence with all living beings, the element of surprise and the enlivening effect of creative expression are important emphases for Lehto as an artist. In recent years she has focused on interactivity and opening up new perspectives  with different collaborative partners in the community, inclusive and performing arts projects like with i.a. Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse Theatre, Kaaos Company, HIT Helsinki and DanceAbility Finland. For Lehto it has been truly a pleasure to work with artists like Pia Lindy, Jenni Kokkomäki, Teemu Päivinen, Miro Mantere, Sally Davison, Gunilla Sjövall, Georgie Goater, Maija Mustonen, Moa Larsdotter Persson, Ragnheiður Maísól Sturludóttir, Anna Jaanisoo and so many others.

”She brings a lightness and depth to her work, with a profound grounding in the ability to surface humour from the moment, while honouring the self and the space”. 

Georgie Goater



2015 DanceAbility Teacher Certification Course, Helsinki, Finland

2011 Exploring Arts for Social Change, Communities in Action, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
2007 The Commedia School, Entrepreneurial actor and Creative performer, Copenhagen, Denmark
2005 North Karelia College of Further Education/ New dance department, Outokumpu, Finland

CV sent upon request.



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