Katras (2021-2022)

An urban flock, a dance between four performers of diverse embodiments, encountering each other and their surroundings through movement, a score, spontaneity and listening. Following what emerges in the space of togetherness, the dance is always new. Co-composed from histories and the present moment, Kellokoski’s playful sound accompanies the casual suspense and timeless ease of the glimmering urban flock.

Performed in Espoo-päivä, Tapiola 2021 & 2022 ja Liikkumisen riemua kaikille! Vammaisten päivän aamutilaisuus, Helsingin kaupungintalo, 2021, Helsinki Päivä 2022, Joensuun Parafest 2022.

Concept: Sally Davison
Performers: Siiri Tiilikka, Jonna Lehto, Kadar Khristan, Georgie Goater
Sound: Riku-Pekka Kellokoski
Photos: Jussi Ulkuniemi, Anu Päivinen

Re: 2020

Re: is a performance that looks into the experience of memory
is a common ground yet a celebration of individuality
creates a space for details that can be recognized
blurs the line between a truth and a lie
is an imprinted landscape on the skin
is an invitation to you by five artists
Performers: Folke Narin, Ruben Nagore, Jonna Lehto, Annimaria Koivunen
Anna Jaanisoo
Performed in August 2020 at Tervasaari Amphitheatre, Helsinki.
Photos: Ilmari Fabritius

Losing the Concept(s) of Self – but Still Talking 2020

Working group: Teemu Päivinen, Jenni Kokkomäki, Jonna Lehto, Gabriele Goria, Miro Mantere, June Horton-White
Kallio-Lehti 1.4.2020:
001 IMOUS – Teknoshamanistinen pikkujouluistunto 2017

The performance is a peek into the 100-year-old subconscious of Finland.
Performers: Jonna Lehto, Teemu Päivinen
Live looping and sound manipulation: Miro Mantere
Videos: Jenni Kokkomäki
Concept: Teemu Päivinen

Losing the Concept(s) of Self – but Still Talking and 001 IMOUS – Teknoshamanistinen pikkujouluistunto are parts of The Autopsy of Democracy performance trilogy led by artists Teemu Päivinen and Jenni Kokkomäki from the theatre company Pluckhouse. The Autopsy of Democracy is investigating the death of democracy and it`s cause. During 2017-2020 the working group extended an anarcho-carnivalistic gaze upon the core elements which democracy is supposedly based on. Does such a system truly based on equality of rights and operation exist, or is democracy rather a textual wrapping paper for a less flattering order?

Photos: Jenni Kokkomäki 

We rise at eight 2019


Video by Jenni Kokkomäki. Galleria Huuto, Helsinki 2019.

Videos: Jenni Kokkomäki
Music: Miro Mantere
Performers: Akseli Aittomäki, Ida Backer, Alena Dittrichová, Suvi Hänninen, Hanna Iitti, Timo Jokitalo, Jenni Kokkomäki, Aarni Korpela, Jonna Lehto, Miro Mantere, Minja Mertanen, Teemu Päivinen and Juha Sääski
Butoh instructor: Minja Mertanen
In addition to Kokkomäki, the videos were filmed by Jonna Lehto and Teemu Päivinen.
Höyhentämö – Pluckhouse took part in the production of the video.

Oiva Avio 2019

Lentua Kollektiivi 19

Patella – floating bone 2018-19

LUDE ja puremia kolmessa ajassa 2018

Pond 2017-18

Uneksivat puut 2017

Vaelluksia Lähiöissä-Tracing Suburbia 2017

La Famiglia – I know I put it somewhere 2016

Raksa – Tanssia työmaalla 2016

Chinese Whispers 2016-17

Ha Blah Wah 2015

Philosophical Garden 2015

Philosophical Garden- Audiovisual Installation with Live Art was a collaboration between Finnish and Icelandic artists in Akureyri in Northern Iceland. Working group created an audiovisual installation and organised a live art happening in Gallery Deiglan. In the opening event Kaaos Company presented an excerpt from their piece InfloreSense and also performed in the Botanical Garden of Akureyri.
Curator: Mari Krappala
Visual art: Laura Miettinen
E-mail Conversation piece: Mari Krappala, Karl Guðmundsson
Fabric installation: Rosa Juliusdottir and Karl Guðmunðsson
Costume design: Jonna Jónborg Sigurðardóttir and Brynhildur Kristìnsdóttir
Kaaos Company performers: Mirva Keski-Vähälä, Jonna Lehto, Gunilla Sjövall, Silke Schönfleisch, Lau Lukkarila
Kaaos Company artistic director: Sally Davison 

Photos: Sally Davison

INfloreSense 2014

Duettoja Välittämisestä 2014

Pulla Kuuppanen 2014


DanceAbility Finland

Since the year 2015 Jonna Lehto has been working as a DanceAbility teacher in DanceAbility Sunday workshops for adults, DanceAbility children’s classes and DanceAbility Finland’s outreach programmes Informance and UnseenSeen.

Informance – Dance out of Line 2019

Varjosta Valoon – UnseenSeen 2018-19

Dance department of Vocational special education college Ammattiopisto Live 2019

Creative movement classes for children